Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mountain Dew White Out Review

    I have quite the cornucopia of pet peeves. Unnecessary acronyms, though not in the top 5, are something I dislike very much. I don’t mind government acronyms such as UNSC or IGO or OPEC. I dislike the lackadaisical acronyms found in certain products like Mountain Dew. Just a few years ago, MTN Dew was called Mountain Dew. I appreciate the simplicity but come on, it’s only like 4 or 5 more letters. Enough with that rant, Mountain Dew Dewmocracy was launched roughly a year ago with the following contenders: White Out, Typhoon, and Distortion. White Out took the cake with a margin of 4 percent of the vote. So the question is, does White Out make a good addition to the line-up?

    White Out is officially classified as a citrus flavored soda. Without going into much detail, I can say that I found the flavor a little bit too sweet. I didn’t catch how much sugar this thing was packing, but I would assume a lot. The flavor is debatable, but I see it as a mixture of Sprite and Mountain Dew. Others see it as a mixture of Squirt and Mountain Dew. Which ever way you see it, the low carbonation and super sweet flavor of White Out is what keeps this drink from getting anywhere above 3 stars.

    Verdict: 7 out of 10. Why? Did you forget the last paragraph about the sweetness and the low carbonation? You might want to read that again.

    Do you enjoy the citrus flavor of Mountain Dew. Do you drink Mountain Dew for taste or for it's high caffeine content. Write a comment below expressing your opinion on this drink.

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